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Intake Manifold, Fuel Rail, & Accessories (Throttle Body Added Separately) Pre-Order

Intake Manifold, Fuel Rail, & Accessories (Throttle Body Added Separately) Pre-Order

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Plenum Upgrades

Please start by reading our Intake Manifold collection page to familiarize yourself with the different kits offered, installation information, and overall product descriptions.

This listing is for our Bare Intake Manifold kit (1JZ 2JZ-GTE 2JZ-GE).

This kit ALONE does NOT include a throttle body. Please use one of the following listings if you'd like to purchase a Intake kit with either a DBW throttle body or Cable driven throttle body with a combination discount. 

2JZ-GE Intake Kit
2JZ-GTE Intake Kit
1JZ Intake Kit



  • Aluminum Sheet Metal Intake manifold
    • Billet CNC Machined Flanges with O-ring grooves
    • Idle air control valve and vacuum flanges welded to underside of manifold
      • Uses OEM IACV (Optional Block-off plate included)
      • 3X Vacuum Ports 
  • Anodized Aluminum Fuel Rail
    • E85 safe
    • 1000+ HP capable
    • Can be run with dual feed center return, or can install included optional center return block-off plug
    • Broached and tapped for -8 ORB fittings 
  • Accessories 
    • Manifold to head mounting hardware and O-rings
    • Throttle body to manifold mounting hardware and O-rings
    • 2x -6 AN fuel rail feed fittings
    • 1x -6 AN return fitting
    • 1x center return block off fitting (Installation optional)
    • Fuel rail to manifold mounting hardware
    • Throttle cable L-bracket and fasteners (NO CABLE INCLUDED)
    • Optional IACV block-off

Installation/Compatibility Note: 
Please ensure you have read the Installation notes on our Intake Manifold collection page. Nearly all installations require a battery relocation, 14.14.60mm Injectors, relocation of the power-steering tank, modification to factory feed and return fuel lines, a longer throttle cable, and either a counter-clockwise Toyota throttle position sensor (Like USDM TT SUPRA PN 89452-22080), our Low Profile TPS Sensor, or one of our Drive by Wire setups with associated wiring and engine management. 


Note: If a low total price and grey "Add selected to cart" button like below are displayed, the setup you are trying to purchase is out of stock. Please  Contact Us

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