• Molded Construction

    All of Our Carbon Fiber products are produced using reverse plugs. None of our products are wraps or overlays. These plugs create a base to lay the high quality carbon fiber twill used in construction.

  • Vacuum Resin Infused

    After the Carbon Fiber twill is hand laid into the mold, the entire assembly is sealed in an airtight bag that is then subjected to a vacuum. This process sucks all of the air out of the carbon fiber twill while infusing it with the epoxy resin. This process results in a lighter product with a higher carbon to epoxy ratio.

  • High Quality UV Protectant Clear Coat

    Vacuum infusion not only helps with the parts weight, but it also helps improve the parts finish by reducing pinholes. The part is then seperated from the plug and the excess carbon is trimmed away. Finally, the part is coated in a high quality UV resistant Clear to ensure a long lasting gloss.

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