2JZ-GTE 2JZ-GE & 1JZ Intake Manifolds

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  • Fuel Rail

    14.14.60mm injector sizing
    E85 Safe fuel rail
    Capable of 1000+ hp

    Can run using dual feeds and center return, or with the center return blocked off
    (Optional block-off fitting included)

  • Billet CNC Machined Flanges

    All mating flanges manufactured from billet aluminum using precise CNC machinery

    O-ring grooves provide a robust and reliable seal to ensure high perfromance

  • IACV and Vacuum Flanges

    Manifolds include flanges for the stock Idle Air Control Valves to ensure trouble free cold starts
    (Optional IACV Block-off Included)
    Flange for 3X vacuum ports welded on the underside of the manifold for a clean look

  • Annodized Finish

    All of Our Manifolds are E85 Safe Anodized

    Silver and black options regularly stocked

    Contact us for Custom Colors (6+ Month Wait) 
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-Manifold to head mounting hardware and O-rings

-Throttle body to manifold mounting hardware and O-rings
-2x -6 AN fuel rail feed fittings, 1x -6 AN return fitting, 1x center return block off fitting (Installation optional) and fuel rail to manifold mounting hardware

-Throttle cable L bracket and fastners included

-Optional IACV blockoff included


These manifolds fit very well in MKIV Supras, SC300's, MKIII Supras and many more. Please veiw our Featured Builds section for fitment information and Contact Us with any installation questions.

Almost all installs require a longer throttle cable, 14.14.60mm Injectors, modification to the fuel system and the relocation of the vehicles battery & power-steering reservoir.

Some installations (typically 1JZ setups) the factory oil cooler will need to be removed or a smaller oil filter will need to be run.

Our Low Profile TPS sensor provides enough clearance in most cases to avoid relocation of the stock fuse box (SC300, MKIV Supra, & More)

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Velocity Stacks

Optional Upgrade (+$95)
Effectively lengthens intake runners without taking space from engine bay

More Information about Benefits 

Drive By Wire Adapter

Upgrade from the cable throttle body and purchase your manifold with a drive by wire adapter to run an 82mm Bosch Motorsports electronic throttle body (PN: 280750473)

Learn about the benefits of drive by wire

Low Profile TPS Sensor (Optional Upgrade)

Our low profile TPS sensors work great at providing a bit extra clearance where its needed. This allows users with MKIV Supras and Sc300's to run one of these manifolds with plenty of clearance between the fuse-box.

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