Behind The Brand

Owner and Operator, Jason McCarthy, grew up like many other typical motorheads, with a drive to take things apart to understand how they work, only to put them back together again.

Once old enough to drive, Cars quickly became Jason's platform to explore his creativity and passion for building things.

The Beginning

A 1992 Lexus Sc300 is the car that started the obsession, and got Jason's foot in the door of the Automotive world. Jason owned this car though his late teens and used it to teach himself how to build and repair cars.

Education & Interests

Once in the car scene, Jason became increasingly interested in the engineering and manufacturing side of the performance automotive world. This lead Jason into interests like Computer Aided Designing, CNC Machining and 3D Printing, and his enrollment into East Carolina University's Engineering program where he graduated Summa Cum Laude as The Outstanding Senior.

  • Conceptual Design

    All products start as a conceptual idea, typically with a problem to solve. Most ideas are sketched, then drafted in a Computer Aided Design software package

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  • Rapid Prototyping

    Once a digital design is created a protoytpe is then 3D printed. This is a very iterative step in the design process and typically takes multiple prototypes before a design is finalized

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  • Manufacturing

    Theres a lot of real need that exists for replacment and aftermarket products for the SC300 and similar communities. However, these small niches often go ignored by large manufactures because of the size of the markets and inability to meet quanity minimums. Thankfully, the advances in manufacuring methods and CNC machining have allowed us to produce small run parts like our DBW Adapter while still keeping prices competivie.

  • Community Involvement

    A product is rarely ever perfect, so we stay engaged on the forums, Facebook pages, and on other forms of social media to ensure that we are working on products that are in-tune with our customers needs.

    Were also always seeking feedback from existing customers so we can improve on the products we have already released!

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